Adventure Boot Camp Testimonials!

“Ahhh…the feeling post boot camp….so full of energy but so painfully sore too!! Great to be back! I didn’t realize how much I missed it till I was in the midst of it on Monday. Great to connect with so many familiar faces and of course get my a** kicked by the workout is always appreciated. LOVE the 5:30am workout time which I find so difficult to do on my own, so thank you for getting me motivated.”
J. Kim, HR Advisor

“The man behind my nutrition, T’ai Erasmus! All the training, hard work and results were all possible with sound nutrition! You’re the best, and I am so proud to be your friend and endorse you! Thank you for teaching me a lot and the friendship we have developed!”
Christina Bombelli, WBFF Pro

“The camp has been fabulous and I have enjoyed the work and the challenges. T’ai is very creative, safe and inspiring. He is an excellent teacher and leader and his fine-tuning of body position, etc. is the best I’ve seen. The way he mixes each day’s activities makes it fun and productive.”
C. Sawer, Science Teacher

“My whole experience at My Adventure Boot Camp has been delightful – I learned a lot about myself and enjoyed meeting the other ladies in our group. I was extremely nervous to go . . . out of shape, overweight and a general feeling of ‘old’ before my time. Last Saturday I was visiting family on the Island and they couldn’t get over how good I looked since seeing me the previous month and my twin sister who usually is 25 to 30 pounds lighter than me was only 10 pounds lighter. She is motivated to get the gap back and has already made some diet/exercise changes in her life. So we should have fun over the next few months getting back into shape – the challenge is on. My husband is up to the challenge as well.

Just seeing how great I feel and how good I look has encouraged some of my family and friends to take a look at what they are doing and make some improvements. Taking your camp and sharing the exercising tips and nutritional information you teach us has impacted lives beyond me and I wanted you to know what you do for others is such a great thing.

I have lost 10 pounds. down a full dress size, two inches off my waist, two inches off my hips and four inches off my bust. I feel 20 years younger!”
P. McAleer, Executive Assistant

“I will never be able to express to you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from My Adventure Boot Camp. It has been a life changing experience for me on so many levels. Thank-you for obeying the call on your life to help others become healthy. I will be forever grateful.”
K. Leahy, Bookseller

“It was an awesome 4 weeks! I’m always impressed with the way you manage to mix things up and keep it interesting. The group is always so supportive and inspirational, and you are so good at getting that extra little bit out of us. Your dedication and aim for perfection is awesome!

Simply put, you are the best!! Today was exactly what I needed to get me going again and I can’t thank you enough for it!”
P. Confortin, Sales

“Thanks for your encouragement, My Adventure Boot Camp really is great to help with the dreariness of this time of year! It is so good to be outside and so much fun working out with the ladies! You make the classes so much fun. Noticed we are all laughing alot and working hard!”
C. McGillivary, MRI Technologist

“I just had to say thank you. I had many many compliments on my figure this weekend from my collegues whom I haven’t seen since the summer!”
A. Slaght, Figure Skating Coach

“Thanks for the awesome motivational workouts; you run a great ship! Good riddance to 12 lbs. of adipose tissue! You pulled me out of a huge fitness rut? Thank you! Keep up the great work.”
D. Saborio, Registered Nurse

“Thank you not only for your great workouts, but your upbeat attitude & smile at 5:30 a.m., and also sharing your knowledge. See you soon!”
S. Howard, Office Manager

I had a great time this first week! I love your boot camp! It really is a great workout. I have so much more energy then I did when I started on Monday. The past two months I have had insomnia and that is completely gone. I’m sleeping all night without waking up and having no troubles falling asleep.  Thanks!

L. Haydl, Office Assistant

My Adventure Boot Camp has been an incredible motivation for me. Tai is fantastic, great energy, I will do it again. Thank you, my body thanks you!
L. Chaulk, Film Industry

“Thank you so much for the last 4 weeks! I have had such a great time.”
C. Foster, Sales Manager

“My Adventure Booty Camp! Thanks for all the fun, laughter, motivation and inspiration!”
S. Gill, Customer Service Rep

“Thanks for a great 4 weeks. Very Inspiring!”
Dr. S. Finlayson

“You never cease to amaze me. What a great reason to get up in the a.m. It´s been fun. Thanks again”
L. Wilkins, Registered Nurse

“I love push-ups. Thanks for all the motivation. It is all definitely worth it!”
S. Hocaloski, Registered Nurse

“My pants are falling off! Thanks! it was a blast! I really enjoyed it!”
B. Porochnavy, Registered Nurse

“Thanks for changing my life!”
F. Lee, Engineer

“Thanks for a great camp! It was fabulous!”
J. Appleton, Consultant

“Thanks for the great workout.”
M. Caunter, Physiotherapist

“It’s been a blast! Had a lot of fun. Thanks.”
L. Wallach, Computer Tech

“You’re an inspiration. Thanks for the support.”
S. Bai, Lululemon Manager

“Thanks for kicking my butt in the morning!”
J. MacKinnon, Physical Therapist

“Who would have thought that Boot Camp could be fun? Once again, I had a great time. I’m up for another one.”
T. Wawrynchuck, Sales Telecom/Data

“Thanks for making me sweat at 5:30 a.m.”
A. Simeoni, Registered Nurse

“It’s been inspirational.”
C. Fraser, Occupational Therapist

“I loved My Adventure Boot Camp. I will be back.”
Dr. M. Johnson

“They say that when the student is ready, the master will appear.”
J. Levandoski,
Program Officer

“Thanks so much for the great month of Boot Camp T’ai. I am so enjoying getting out there in the a.m. – such a good way to start the day. Thanks again T’ai for helping me become the hard body I know I can be!”
F. Mulcahy, Public Relations

“Thank you for being such a great trainer and motivator. I very much enjoyed my boot camp experience!”
L. Oreskovich,
Makeup Artist/Clothing Rep

“Connie and I want to thank you for providing us with such a great experience over the last four weeks. Our booties say thank you too!”
U. Menard,
Photographer and C. Chan, Marketing Director

It’s been a week since My Adventure Boot Camp finished and I can’t tell you how much I miss it. It was a great experience being so committed to something! I loved it. I have been continuing to train on my own. I just wanted to thank you because although I know it started within me, your camp really helped me jump start my fitness goals. So, for your commitment and mine, I am thankful.”
M. Guloien, Sales Professional

“Thank you so much for all the information. Your time and dedication really shows and is so helpful.”
A. Fairweather, Sales Representative


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