Boot Camp Starts Monday, April 16!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the fresh air of Spring is here! Which means… the beach will be calling soon, and so will your swim suit! To help you get bikini ready, we are Turning up the heat with a 28 Day Boot Camp Challenge!!


28 Days of exercising and eating excellence to get the most results possible in just 4 weeks! It’s about having COMPLETE focus and COMPLETE accountability for 28 days to reduce the weight, tone up and start having more energy and enjoying life again. We’re not talking small changes here… We’re talking TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. Come see what is possible when you have COMPLETE focus for 28 days.

Get 12 or 20 fast, fat annihilating Boot Camp Workouts, free of distractions
Healthy Recipes
Nutrition Tips
Daily Motivational Emails
Pre and Post Measurements
Unlimited Correspondence with your Trainer, T’ai Erasmus
FREE T-Shirt
Benefits people of ALL fitness levels (beginners to athletes)
Thrive in a fun, supportive, effective fitness environment! (no one gets left behind)
And Much More!

About T'ai Erasmus

T’ai is the Founder of the Vancouver based companies Pro FIT, Professional Fitness Coaching Systems and My Adventure Boot Camp, Inc. T'ai has been involved in fitness his entire life, and enjoys transferring his knowledge to others.
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